4 Amazing Smartphone Link Feature That Make Your Life Much Easier

Smartphone Link is a great idea if you have more than one smartphone. Know how to make your life easier by adding a smartphone.

4 Amazing Smartphone Link Feature That Make Your Life Much Easier

Smartphone Link – Set up multi-camera

When you see the footage of an event that has its professional videography, it is possible that multiple angles of the same scene have been taken from different angles to different shots. They are edited together. Can do the same thing on a smartphone by Smartphone Link. Vyclone app is useful for this. It needs to be downloaded to multiple devices and some will have to be filmed with the app. This will edit the videos filmed by different devices at once. If you want to work at a more professional level, then CollabraCam App can try. This is the iOS app. This can control six other IOS devices in a Multicamera setup.

Share photos with multiple phones

You may have seen on many functions and events that many people take photographs from their smartphones. As a host, you have to work hard to collect this photograph from every person. In such a case, you can use a dedicated collaborative photo sharing app. This can be a great help to you. PixWithMe may prove to be a good option for it. This allows Android and iPhone users to create a Virtual Pixboard for any event.

In it, you will have to ask all the guests to download the app in Advance. On any given day, when a guest clicks the photo using this app, the photo will automatically be shared on the board. It is a special thing that anyone can view these photos. You can also be liked and commented on photos. Can be shared by dragging a lot of photos using the app. You can also password protect the board. You can also customize it with Personal Branding Graphics.

If you do not like PixWithMe then you can also use Photago. It also works like PixWithMe, but it also gives a GB cloud storage and allows the user to join as a guest. It does not need to register for the account and a special thing that it offers a solution to download photos in full resolution. If you want Samsung can take the group play feature. This gives Samsung users the ability to share photos and videos with another Samsung smartphone. This method is also quite easy.

Mouse and keyboard made of Android phones

You may be using your Android phone or tablet as a media player by connecting to the TV. The problem is that every time you want to change something, you will have to wake up and operate it. Developers have created such apps that can make an Android device use the keyboard and another Android device as a mouse. Working with An2An keyboard and An2An Mouse can be easy by Smartphone Link. Similarly, you can use multiple computers with keyboard and mouse as a keyboard. This will require the Mouse & Keyboard for Android Free App.

Multi-room audio system by Smartphone Link

You must have heard of the wireless multi-room audio system. It has different speaker systems, which are wirelessly synced to each other and can be controlled with a location. It’s a good idea to have a music in all the rooms of the whole house. If you have multiple Android devices and multiple Bluetooth speakers, then you can take free app sound seeder and use it by Smartphone Link. It needs to be installed on the control device. The device that receives the audio stream will need to install the SoundSeedeer Speaker app.

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