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Android Tips – Good Bye All Problems of Android Smart Phones

Android tips

Today almost every user has android smart-phone. Android is the top operating system of all mobile network. Android is an open platform operating system but android is also not a good perfect OS. There are lots of smart-phone company make android smart-phone but every brand is not good for device compatible with OS. If device compatible does not good then many problem comes on android smart-phone.


So here are some android tips for making your android smart-phone working as well as you want.

Android tips and tricks – let’s start

Pc Connecting Problem

This is common problem for almost all android user. Cause of device compatibility some android smart-phone does not connect to PC with data cable. And your smart-phone does not appear as external hard drive on PC. If you face with this problem then you can use Airdroid and Xender the two-amazing data transfer app from mobile to PC. With Airdroid and Xender you can transfer and import data to pc. Airdroid is an amazing app with this you can manage your apps and notification. Reply to phone call or message.

Low Internal Storage

Low internal storage is a big problem for performance of android. If we have android smart-phone with low internal storage then we cannot access many useful apps. If you face this problem then you can use App2SD app. This app can move your all apps to micro SD card and gives free space on your internal storage. If you have non-expandable SD card mobile then this app cam freeze and uninstall your unusable app.

Battery Loss

Battery loss is a big and common problem for all smart-phone users. But here is a best Android tips with you can save your battery power and use it for long time. There are many reasons for losing battery power like background running apps, weak connectivity problem, widgets, screen brightness, animations and lots more. For saving your battery without any app you would be enable developer mode on your smart-phone. Read this tutorial for more about developer mode.

Other way you can use DU Battery Saver App. This app can optimize your battery and stop unused app. It can limit the functionality of your phone performance.

Slow Image Gallery

Many of people have lots of images and videos because this your image gallery load very slowly. Your default image gallery take more time to load the thumbnails of all your images and videos. For this you can use Quick Pic Gallery App. This app can load thumbnails with much faster. It can customize the photo with grid, list or large thumbnail.

Slower Phone

After few months, our android smart-phone became very slow and leggy. Because it has gotten many data and apps. Some of the apps run in background and use the more ram. For this problem, you can use Clean Master app. This app can clean all your phone’s garbage. It cleans busy ram from other unusable apps.

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