What’s New with the Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap, one of the most popular front-end frameworks and highly appreciated by designers, recently launched its new version Bootstrap 4! It is also an eagerly awaited version of Bootstrap. So what’s all the hype? What’s new in Bootstrap 4 and what you can do with it?

The experts took years to launch this version and it’s finally here!

What’s New in Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap 4

Although there aren’t any breaking changes since its last version, some key improvements have been made. Some of the complex bugs have also been successfully resolved. Utility classes and print styles have also been updated. There is a significant improvement in the way printed pages are rendered so that all pages are reasonably sized instead of rendering them as mobile devices. A new series of display values have been integrated into print, display utilities to match standard display utilities.

The Sass

It is good news for all fans of Sass. Bootstrap has emerged officially a Sass-first project. So downloading the Bootstrap source will let you find a folder referred to as “Sass”. All of the necessary partials are available in this folder. “_variables.scss” comprises of all the variables and settings you require. “Bootstrap.scss” houses all the @import directives. This allows you to customize the installation of Bootstrap by including or excluding either component you want.

Focused Browser Support

Bootstrap’s dedicated step towards supporting flexbox actually impelled additional change – browser support. Officially, Bootstrap v4 has dropped support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and iOS 6. This indicates your Bootstrap websites will support only iOS 7+ and IE10+.

No Custom Builder

Freelance web developer and experts must have downloaded an earlier version of Bootstrap. If yes, they may be well acquainted with the online customizer. The tool allowed you to check and uncheck a variety of Bootstrap framework aspects so that you can develop your ideal version. Bootstrap is presently focusing on its own modular structure. This allows users to leverage Sass from their end include just what’s required. They can even compile their own deployable end result.

Additional Breakpoint Tier

Bootstrap has finally moved away from float-based layouts. The responsiveness of Bootstrap comes equipped with an extra tier. So with this new launch, you can easily customize the following five defaults:








$grid-breakpoints: (

xs: 0px,

sm: 576px,

md: 768px,

lg: 992px,

xl: 1200px

) !default;


This is a new addition to Bootstrap v4 dropped pixels. It is now favoring relative units of measurement such as rems. This promises to make the entire whole thing more scalable.

No Glyphicons

The new version of Bootstrap does not include Glyphicons anymore. As an alternative, users are advised to find their own favorites and include them in whichever way they see fit. The team of Bootstrap team prefers the following sets, which is recommended to implement an SVG instead of using web font icons:

– Octicons

– Iconic


This is one of the new additions to the Bootstrap 4. It is available in the form of a new reset file. “Reboot” takes resets of Normalize, which use just element selectors. Thereafter, it builds upon it with certain opinionated class-based reset styles.

No Grunt

The earlier versions of Bootstrap included Grunt support. It worked towards automating several common tasks. The latest version is now available with a bunch of npm scripts. You can find these in the “package.json” file. It allows users to watch their Sass files for changes. They may even perform lint tests on JavaScript, or simply use run npm dist to do everything and later on assembling a supply version of the final website.

Themes Update

The themes in Bootstrap Themes are all set to get a major update soon! With the success of the original launch of Bootstrap Themes, the company is now looking forward to incorporating some uniqueness to the feature.

A revamped Official Bootstrap Themes store is surely going to make a huge fan following for itself. The Bootstrap Themes is being expanded to include ten brand new themes!

With tons of new features added to the latest version of Bootstrap, the designers and developers are more than happy to have it all at their disposal. =====================================================================


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