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Best music player app for windows – top best free media player

Best music player app for windows

There are lots of software for windows in the field of music. If you live to hear music and want to know that the better player for music besides the default windows music app. In this page, we will find the best music player app for windows. On default music, media app is ok but not so good.

There are lots of music app that allow many features and customize options. And with this app, you get better experience about hearing to the song.

So, let’s see the best music player app for windows


VLC Media Player

Of course, we all of know about VLC. This is the best music player app for windows and video player also. It supports almost all formats. The best part of this app that it is an absolutely free app and provide many features. You can stream your music as well.


Almost every music lover use this music player. This is old software but the craze still intact. It has great visualization and plugins and supports almost every music formats. It is really handy and easy to use. You can customize it with many colors.

AIMP Music Player

With beautiful customization and lots of features, this is the best music player for windows. It offers to customize your playlists and support HTTP live streaming. You can create custom playback. It is light weight and very easy to operate.


Foober2000 is a great but unique media player app for windows. It can be used as simple and advanced features. Its modular design is awesome. You can find almost all necessary features about music in this software. It provides cd burning, sound recording, visualization, playlists organization and lots more. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts also.


This is the free and best music player app for windows. MusicBee represents itself with ultimate music manager and player. You can enjoy music with stereo and surround sound. It gives the multi band, equalizer, digital signal processing effects, high-end audio cards and so many.

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