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Facebook launches Watch tab

Facebook launches Watch tab for watching videos shows like Youtube and Netflix

Facebook launches Watch tab to watch TV shows, live reports and many more. Facebook launched a new initiative, which is today called Watch for TV companies and streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube. The big push of Facebook in the more professional video "show" has finally arrived. Will this

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Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage

Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage Was Killed – One of The Competitor of Snapchat

Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage was killed by Facebook on 04 August 2017. This app was made by the 20-year old product manager named Michael Sayman. And Sayman joined Facebook when she was 18 years old. Now Facebook has officially announced that they will close this app. The experimental "teen-only"

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Judy Virus


Judy virus is posing a threat to Google Play Store as new Malware. Recently, Rainsmware rampant affecting millions of computers, the world was not even well with Malware, and another virus has attacked Android smartphone. Now a new virus named Judy Virus has been detected on the Google Play Store.

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