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How to Create an Android App Without Coding

Create an Android App Without Coding

How to Create an Android App Without Coding, this is not just a matter of saying, today you will find on this page that there are many such sites that make an android app according to your needs. The Android platform has moved very fast so that its customers are in huge numbers in almost every country. It is a challenge to every developer that they can make some valuable apps worth keeping in mind to users.

But many developers have many application development courses to make an app, then they can make some nice apps and earning from them.

But here you will learn about some such platforms with that you can create many types of apps without any coding knowledge.

Let’s see How to Create an Android App Without Coding

Appy Pie

Create an Android App Without Coding

Appy Pie is a very good and advanced app maker platform. This allows you to create apps not only for Android but also for iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, without any coding knowledge. And this is the best for Create an Android App Without Coding.

To create an app in it you need to open an account with your email id. It gives a variety of options so you can create an app of your like. You can also customize your app by choosing a theme. There are different themes and editing features for every type of app. You can also watch your app’s live preview. You can also change your app by designing your app. There is also a feature of app monetization.

There are also subscription plans for some Monthly, Early and Lifetime, which have some limitations.

To know the plan, you can go here.


Create an Android App Without Coding

AppsGeyser is a completely free app maker platform to Create an Android App Without Coding. You can also create an Android app in it, without any development knowledge but also with a free subscription charge. This is very simple and easiest way to make an Android app.

You will first need to open an account, after that you will have to provide your app name. Then you have to choose the built-in template of your app. There are so many and every type of template available. You can also edit your template. You can then download it by exporting it or upload it to Google Play Store. AppsGeyser also offers a facility to monetize your app.


Create an Android App Without Coding

Andromo is also a good option for creating an Android app. It also offers to Create an Android App Without Coding knowledge. Like all, you also have to open an account on Andromo. After that, the name of the app and its details must be entered. Then you have to create an activity for your app. It gives you a lot of activity. Every kind of activity is present here for almost every kind of app. It provides design and editing features for the app and also gives support for many major advertising companies for app monetization.

It also has some subscription plans. Click here to know the subscription plan

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