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Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage Was Killed – One of The Competitor of Snapchat

Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage

Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage was killed by Facebook on 04 August 2017. This app was made by the 20-year old product manager named Michael Sayman. And Sayman joined Facebook when she was 18 years old. Now Facebook has officially announced that they will close this app. The experimental “teen-only” app Lifestage of Facebook company, designed as a competitor of Snapchat, has now removed this app from the App Store.

‘Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage’ was a social media app that proved to be a competitor for snapchat. Lifesatge was a app for teenage. Needed less than 21 in order to sign up in it. You could share pictures or videos of yourself or other in it, which only seen by those people who were involved in School. There is a School of 20 registered users or more.

Facebook’s Social Media App Lifestage Pulled Out from App Store

After the first time Lifestyle began, Facebook essentially violated its requirement by making Snapchat Clones In-App with Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Stories and Facebook Stories. According to the Facebook company, “We have received some useful feedback from this app, which we are using to improve the Facebook app in many case like many views and camera features.” And then this app was not updated after November 2016 and its Lifetime installs are only 1,000 to 5,000.

Unlike other social networking apps, Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage has no substitute for controlling users, what they shared on the platform. That means their picture and video were visible by the public by default.

Facebook said that its teen-centric app has stopped operations now. The teenage California-based company’s global community is an important component of the Menlo Park, which suggests that this youth from the vast majority of social media will be more in a dedicated future. There is a possibility of launching the application. But now finally Facebook’s Social Media App LifeStage has closed.

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