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How Fix Android Phones Made Me a Better Person with Best Applications

Fix android phones

Fix Android Phones with better android application besides the stock apps. Not all Android smartphones are the same. Some devices may be slow due to old software. In this case, stock apps can replace from faster apps. Know about best fixes for Android

Fix Android Phones with Best Android Application


Fix Android Phones with Changing Launcher

The launcher is always visible to you. It works like the ubiquitous layer on Android. It fully engages the phone’s feel and response. If you have a basic phone, then you can add multiple customization options using the launcher and speed up everyday work speed. Nova Launcher of TeslaCoil software is great. If you want to use other launchers for your old Android phone, then you can take Google Now, Arrow, or Evie work. Arrow contains many Microsoft services.

Customize keyboard

Everybody wants a keyboard that works fast and responds fast. Along with this, there should also be features such as gif, emoji, customize, swipe to text etc. You can use Google’s Gboard for this. For me, it is a best Fix Android Phones tips. There is no advertising in this. It is very easy to use. Whether you like the Bubble keyboard can also be used. It’s free, there is no advertising in it. It has all the emoji, sticker, gif, theme and customizable features. It also has a free sticker store for your social media needs. If you want, you can also create a sticker with your photos. Significantly, this customized keyboard can make your work a lot easier.

Fast and Clear Email

If you think that configuring a new email ID has affected your phone’s ability to work or if you want a fast email, then Edison Software’s email can be used. You can configure multiple accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP etc. It’s lightweight and fast. It can be used without advertising, bolt free of this pro version. In the Built in Assistance Mail, you can search items by category. This helps track your package.

Light social media

There is a lite version of Facebook on the Play Store to run on the older device and able to Fix Android Phones to slow loading of Facebook. It spends fewer data. It can also work with a 2G data connection. Including Facebook’s basic feature such as posting status, sharing photos, finding friends etc. If your device has very insufficient storage, then it works with fewer downloads. It has need ever low app storage. There is no lite version of Twitter. You can use it inside the web browser to avoid downloading. For the tweet, take a super-lite app like third-party Twitter clients.

Fast Web Browsing

Usually, Google Chrome is pre-loaded on the phone other than the company’s own web browser. But if you feel that you are not satisfied with the browsing experience, then you should disable Inbuilt App. This fast browser app should be used. It’s a fast browser, its interface is simple. These have built in voice search, QR code scanners, add blocking tech and incognito mode. If you are talking about search providers, you can search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or directly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc. As soon as typing, it offers live search suggestions. Its readability mode removes all obstacles and makes web pages readable easily and offers content in more contrast formats.

Superb camera

The basic phone does not have full featured camera app. In such a case, if you want to add features to the old phone, improve quality or you want to increase the speed of things, then you can take Mark Harman’s Open Camera app. This is the best camera app. It’s completely free. It supports featured features such as ISO adjustment, metering mode, sine, color effect, face detection etc. in flagship phones. Not all features can be made on all phones, but it offers more features than stock camera app. It has the option of better electronic stables, voices capture, and shutter sound.

I hope you guys enjoy this article and fix your old android device problem with this Fix Android Phones tips, Thank You.

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