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Google Chrome OS Will Get New Look Like Android and Touch Friendly Features

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS has made a lot of achievements in the past year. But these achievements did not get from a touch screen Chromebook. Google has decided that the Chrome OS become more easier and touch friendly. Now Google has trying to improve Chrome OS touch features. Google has been trying to offer features such as Android to Chrome OS. Now Google has recently released the latest experimental build called Canary Build for its Chrome OS. Its new build working as a more touch friendly like Android.

Google Chrome OS Brings Touch Friendly Features


The new Google Chrome OS will offer Android like interface and its features will not be less than any Android OS. It will also offer the app drawer like Android and a search bar. The Google Chrome OS Build would be very similar to Android. Just like we think Android is a great touch friendly device, Chrome OS is being prepared exactly the same way.

Google Chrome OS has launched a new video that shows its touch friendly features. The build used in this video is Canary Build, which is currently in experimental status. Google is waiting now that its competitiveness of Canary Build is compatible with Android apps for Google Chromebook and how it reacts on different screen sizes and different tablets and desktops. After the satisfy Google will release the Final Build of Canary Build.

According to video the new launcher is superb and the app drawer will appear when you swipe up the up-arrow key appear on bottom. You can also able to use voice search like Android OS.

After this build of Google Chrome OS, the method of using it will change. Many users find some bugs on this build. If you do not want to irritate from bugs then keep waiting for final build of Canary Build.

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