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how many different sensors in the smartphone, do you know that?

how many different sensors

How many different sensors in the smartphone that really make the smartphone as a smart. Today there are many smartphones in the market. All the smartphones have many sensors. We know about sensors but some sensors are in our smartphone but we do not know how to use it. These are the only sensors that make our smartphones smart.

With the help of sensors in a smartphone, many of our work becomes easier. Today, applications have come as well that they know how to use sensors well. Smartphone performs brilliantly with the help of its sensors.

Let’s know how many different sensors are available in any smartphone


This sensor is found almost all smartphone and it is a first of how many different sensors category. This small equipment is built in the phone’s circuits. This sensor rotates your phone’s screen according to the orientation. It checks whether your phone is vertical or horizontal, according to this it rotates the screen. If you go to the phone’s settings, you will see an ‘auto-rotate’ option. By starting this option, you can easily watch videos, play games and shoot photos.

Ambient light sensors

This sensor lessens the brightness of your phone according to the surrounding light. With the help of this sensor, the brightness of your mobile screen is more or less automatically, which means that the screen of your mobile is bright during the day and the brightness of the mobile decreases in the night. In this way, you can see the display well. This sensor improves overlay user experience and saves power. Your phone’s battery has an impact on the phone’s brightness. In this case, this sensor becomes very useful for you.


It is a magnetic sensor and also a very useful sensor. With this, you can use your smartphone as a compass. By this sensor, you can see any direction in your smartphone, even if the phone is in any way. With this help, you can easily view phone location. It measures the earth’s magnetic field, which helps you find a way out.


This sensor tells your smartphone that what angle you get on your smartphone. This sensor is designed specifically for viewing 360-degree videos. If you want to enjoy 360 videos and games on a VR device then this sensor is very important. With this help, many cool shortcuts like ‘Twist to Open the Camera’ are added to your phone.

Proximity Sensor

how many different sensors are here and Proximity is one of well-known of all sensors. Have you ever noticed that the display automatically turns off when the handset is brought near to the ear during the call? This sensor is located near the mobile phone’s front camera. From this sensor, your phone knows that the call is running or ended.


This sensor gets in high-value phones. This sensor can measure the pressure of the environment. The data measured by it works in deciding the Altitude, i.e. improves GPS Accuracy.

Thermometer sensor

Thermometer sensor also comes in many high-value devices, so that the temperature of the device and battery is detected.


Fingerprint sensors have also come in many devices nowadays. This sensor usually unlocks the device, but it is also used for many more purposes.

Apart from this, many mobile phones also have humidity sensors, pedometer, heart rate monitor sensors. Most of these sensors find in wear devices. Who keeps track of your heartbeat, nerves system.

So, hope you know that ‘how many different sensors’ are found in any smartphone and what is the use of them.


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