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How to find lost phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) – Track lost phone location

How to find lost phone

This is most asked the question of all smartphone tech viewer’s. almost everyone wants to know that what we do when our phone has lost or theft or misplace and How to find lost phone. So here is the solution for all queries about your lost phone and we will know how to find lost phone.

Almost all of the people have a mobile phone. Many of have only feature phone. If when your feature phone goes missing then only one way left that go to police station and report F.I.R for your lost phone. And police will track your phone’s IMEI number. If you have good luck then you will get your phone soon.

But if you have a smartphone like Android, Apple iPhone or Windows Phone then no need to go police station. You can find your lost smartphone with easy. But first, you need to change some setting on your smartphone.

Go to setting then go to security, now you will get “find my mobile” option in there. Open it and register with your account.

For register, you choose what is the smartphone you have. Example if you have an Android smartphone then you will register with Google account, and for Samsung smartphone register with Samsung account. For Apple iPhone register with apple account and register with Microsoft account for Windows Phone.

Let’s see how to find lost phone –


Now if you forgot your smartphone then open the web browser on pc. Go to web address for Android for Samsung smart phone for Apple iPhone for Windows Phone

now sign in on this web address with your account. Here you can control your smartphone. You can ring your phone as a message and can also get the location of your smartphone. For privacy, you can erase your all phone data and you can also lock your phone for security.

But some condition for this that your phone should be connected to the Internet and not be reset.

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