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Top 5 iPhone 6 problems – how can I fix or resolve them

iPhone 6 problems

iPhone 6 problems faced by every iPhone 6 users. Now, most people have started learning about the iOS operating system. Many people also use Apple’s iPhone but they do not find solutions to problems related to it. Know how to overcome problems related to iOS.

Get rid of iPhone 6 problems


The new iPhone launched in the market has many useful features compared to the older version of the iPhone. But still, it is necessary to overcome many problems related to IOS. Anyway, Android users find something that is not present in the iOS. For this, you have to make special settings on your device. You can make problems by changing the settings of the iOS device.

Video conversion

Apple devices have problems with video playback. IOS only supports the playback of mp4 format videos. So, you have to convert the video to mp4 first and then have to transfer using iTunes. Nowadays, many types of video formats are available. In such a situation, the problem of video playback may come in front of you. Instead, you can install free apps like VLC media player or Player Extreme. Both apps support many video formats and give the option of transferring videos to Wi-Fi. For wired transfers, you have to use iTunes but instead of using the video section to transfer you should go to the app management page and transfer the video directly from within the app. Once you transfer the video, it can be accessed from the app’s library. This way is easy. This can alleviate your iPhone 6 problems to a great extent.

File and data copy

Android users can connect their device to a computer and transfer data using it as a USB drive. Due to the limitations of the operating system of iOS users, this kind of facility is not available and iTunes has to be used for transfer. If you do not want to use iTunes, there is also another option for data transfer on iOS. You can use Phonetrans ( It is a free software for Windows and Mac.

Data sync from multiple computers

By default, the default iOS device can sync data to a computer from iTunes. To resolve this problem, launch iTunes and select Managed Music and Video for the device manually. Then copy the iTunes folder in the My Music folder from the existing PC to the USB drive. If it already has iTunes folder, then replace it from the folder present in the USB drive. Copy the iTunes folder from the USB drive into another computer’s My Music folder. Connect the IOS device to the computer and iTunes will not show the error.

iPhone 6 problems with battery life

Although iPhone 6 Plus users are not having problems related to battery life, the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S and iPhone 6 users constantly struggle with battery life problems. By setting some you can increase battery life Turned off the automatic brightness settings and manually set it to the equivalent level. To save the battery, take a few hours to close the background app using the Task Manager. Remove location access from games and other apps in Location Service in Settings.

iPhone 6 problems with limited storage

Although users are constantly complaining of low storage, the Apple company offers 16GB of non-expandable storage as well as IOS devices. Out of 16 GB, 12 GB are for your apps, photos, music, and videos. Most users have problems in the space before the end, and they have to delete some data or spend more money on a storage device with more storage. If you want to clean the store temporary files, cache and cookies in IOS, you can recover some storage on the device. For this, connect the phone to the computer and use the phone clean software ( This allows you to remove junk and crooked files from your device. Another option is to use an external drive. SanDisk iXpand can use drives such as Leef iBridge that connect directly to the device’s lightning port. This method is not very hard and your iPhone 6 problems are gone

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