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Why is iPhone better than Android in terms of security?


In today era, there are two big Operating System companies that give their original form to the smartphone. We all know that these two big companies are Apple and Android, and for years the competition has sparked. If we talk about Android. It is better than Apple’s iPhone in many cases. Android smartphones are well understood, many useful apps are available in the market, and the biggest reason for being more popular is that they are available in many different varieties and cheap prices.

But if we talk about security, then Apple’s iPhone is better than Android smartphones in many cases. iPhone’s security features are much stronger than any Android smartphone.

So here are some security points that will show that the iPhone is really better than any Android smartphone.


Malware in iPhone

Today’s Android users are much more than others, so its hackers have increased too much. Now almost every hacker target Android users. Therefore, viruses and malware come in very large amounts on Android devices. According to sources, almost 97% of virus attacks occur in Android.

If we talk about iPhone then the hackers target them less and the virus attack is almost non-existent.

App Attacks on iPhone

App Attacks is also a reason to improve iPhone better than Android. Many times, it happens that we install an app from our main App Store and it also contains a virus. And this thing is very much in Android. But this does not happen in the Apple App Store. Because on Apple if you submit any app in the App Store, then it is reviewed for approximately weeks by the expert.


Android is an open source platform, and its apps are run in open ways so that they themselves are vulnerable to any viruses. However, Apple has a separate Sandbox for every app that does not allow interaction with any other app.


Apple’s phone creator and its component also own Apple itself, so that the stability of its hardware with its operating system is excellent. But that does not get us to see in Android.

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