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keyword research tool – SEO Software / Finds Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool –  We will talk about a software that generate Thousands of Long Tails keyword for getting Thousands of traffic. Today many of people try to make money with Blog, Websites and YouTube. And do not know what to do to get your sites to top. If you want to bring your sites to the top, then long tail keyword is very important from the look of SEO.

Today we will talk about a Keyword Research Tool with the help of you can use Keyword Researcher to discover high-value keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your website. With this the keyword researching is much easier.

Features of Keyword Research Tool

  • With this tool, you can get thousands of long tail keywords on the top sites like Google, Amazon and YouTube.
  • On this tool, you can write a great SEO Optimized Content and insert your high value keyword.
  • You can assign your keywords to articles and sort your articles into categories.
  • A good Negative Keyword List will ensure that undesirable Keywords don’t interfere with your project.
  • When you have 1000’s of Keywords, you need advanced searching functions to make sense of them.
  • Create custom Keyword Tags and assign them to your favourite Keywords for better sorting.
  • Drag your Google Keyword Planner CSV files right into your project.
  • You can export your Keywords and Content to many formats, including CSV, XLS, and even a WordPress XML file.

How to use Keyword Research Tool


Discover and import keywords

In this section, you can discover the long tail keyword for you project and of course you can import the keyword for collected by google keyword planner. Simply drag your collected csv file into this software and it will automatically sort the keyword by long tail keywords. Duplicates are removed. And the incoming keywords (that you have “blacklisted” in the past) will, of course, be blacklisted again. So, they won’t interfere with your project.

Remove the junk keywords

Many of the keywords that you download will not be pertinent to your current project. So, you’ll have to delete them. But simply deleting them is not enough. Because when you download more CSV files later, these files might also contain the same keyword. That’s why, in Keyword Research Tool, you can “Black List” keywords. This means that the keywords that you DO NOT want, are maintained in a separate list. So, you never have to delete a keyword more than once.

Find the good keywords

After you’ve removed the bad keywords, you still need to find the good keywords! i.e. the keywords that are most pertinent to your current project goals. With Keyword Researcher, we’ve added a complete array of searching functions. Notice in the movie on the right, how the user is able to enter “logical expressions.”

For example, you can search for all the keyword phrases that contain the word “carb” and the word “diet.”

Organize the Good Keywords into Article Groups

Not all of your keywords will go on every page of your website. Your keywords must be grouped into logical categories.

This is called “laying out a Content Strategy.”

With Keyword Researcher, you can create Categories, Articles, and Paragraphs. And to sort your keywords, you simply drag them into these groups.

Type the Good Keywords into your Article

Now that you’ve managed to find the best keywords for your project, you need to actually get them into your article content.

When you click the Highlighter Icon in Keyword Researcher, the app will examine your content, and show you where the keyword appears.

It will even tell you if your keyword appears in the most important SEO article locations: The Title, Slug, and Content area.

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