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New iPhone Update with All New Features On iOS 11 Operating System

New iPhone Update

New iPhone Update release with many new features. The world’s renowned smartphone manufacturer Apple is known for its superior features. Apple’s iOS operating system is very stable and has better features. Recently in the year of WWDC, iPhone maker Apple launched its latest operating system iOS 11. This operating system has many good and new features from its previous version iOS 10. iOS 11 makes Apple’s iPhone and iPad a better and quite customizable smartphone.

So, let’s know about features of New iPhone Update

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iOS 11 has many big and egregious changes compared to its previous version iOS 10. With the help of these, you can make your work easier on your smartphone.

Control centre

The biggest New iPhone Update in the changes made in iOS 11 is being considered as its control center. In iOS 11, you can now customize your control center. You can place icons for user control in everyday work. There is also a full-screen option for icon placement in the control center. You can swipe down to see new notifications and all notifications on the double swipe down will appear.


Siri’s virtual voice has improved greatly and it feels quite natural. Siri’s tamps and pitches will show a lot of improvement. New iPhone Update in it is being considered as its translation feature which is quite useful and will also facilitate the translation of English in many languages.

The camera

The great quality of the phone is its camera, and Apple has made it quite advanced in iOS 11. In iOS 11 the camera will now support optical image stabilization. An interesting image like DSLR n iOS 11 added many features like Portrait mode and HDR. Its image format will be highly efficient, which will reduce the size of the image.

Automatic driving mode

Driving mode is a good option for a smartphone even when you are driving and there is no accident due to someone’s smartphone. Driving mode will work on automatic with New iPhone Update on iOS 11. When you do the driving, the phone will automatically find that you are driving and the phone itself will go into ‘Do not Disturb While Driving’ mode.

Apart from this, there have been several small changes to the App Store with a new look. In this, you will find it easy to find games and apps. There have also been several small changes in its interface. After all these changes, the iPhone found in iOS 11 is a complete smartphone.

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