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Qualcomm will change the future android smartphone camera


Qualcomm is ready to make android smartphone cameras more advance and the Android smartphone camera coming in 2018 will not be the same as it is now. Now get ready to take advanced photos with the help of Infrared Depth Sensor from your mobile.

Now Qualcomm, which makes fast processor Snapdragon, has decided to add Infrared depth sensor to Android smartphone, which will totally change the way of Android phone’s camera. Qualcomm has not yet announced its next-generation Snapdragon system-on-a-chip (SOC). But now it is already showing some amazing things which will be able to do it. An updated version of Qualcomm’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) will allow advanced depth of sensing such as camera features.

Qualcomm – Android Smart Phone Cameras to Soon Have Infrared Depth Sensors

In a recent exhibition in New York, company has shown three new camera technologies for its spectra module program. The company will launch Android phones with Qualcomm’s Spectra Module Camera supported features, starting in 2018. There are three different aspects in the new spectra ISP (image-signal processing) technology; An iris-authentication front option, an entry-level computer vision setup, and a premium computer vision kit.

The main component of Spectra ISP (Image-Signal Processing) is Computer Vision Kit. Computer Vision Kit has active depth sensing capabilities, such as Intel’s Real sense camera, which controls the Windows hello or Xbox’s Kinect. The difference between Spectra ISP and RealSense is that Spectra ISP is capable of operating successfully in a small space. While Intel’s RealSense is not compatible for phones and is only successful in Windows PCs and laptops.

The Iris authentication module has been able to always unlock the phone. The Qualcomm says that the sensor can work in low light and mostly sunglasses. If the work of Iris Authentication is done the it will recognize the picture of eyes and even 3D molds of faces.

It is not certain now that this technology will come in 2018-fold in our hands. But Qualcomm notes the Spectra ISP technology “are expected to be part of the next flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform. The company has decided to bring this technology to Android smartphones up to 2018. But this will happen only when smartphone companies agree to this.

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