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Now every person uses the internet on computers and smartphones. In such a situation. It is important to look and save data usage. Most of person use internet without save data usage and they loss their data in such a less time.

So here are some tips to manage and save data usage and keep surfing on internet for a long time.

Save Data Usage with This Free Tool

Save Data Usage

Onavo count

This is a free app to save data usage. In this you have to input the data plan. It also requires details like data transfer capability and plan cost. After this, it detects data usage for every app on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It gives you notifications by detecting those apps that spend more data.

Built in data counter

Almost all IOS devices have a built in cellular network data counter. You can configure it very easily. For this just go to settings then general and now usage. Here on usage just tap on general usage. With this it will give all record of sent and received data usage.

Mobile counter

I display different data counters for Wi-Fi data usage and carriers’ data network. It provides to set limitation of data usage and also detects that how much data is still left. It gives a beautiful widget for home screen to show the data counter.

Data usage monitor

It is very cool and handy app for save data usage. This differs from Wi-Fi and network usage analysis separately. Fix a little less limit of the data limit of the plan. This app will notify you automatically that you are close to the limit.

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