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Top Secret Feature of Android Smartphone

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone

Android is an open source platform and all we know that android is the fully customizable operating system. Today almost all people have an Android smartphone and they very well know that how to use it. Android has many lots of feature and lots of apps that very useful in our daily life. Today Android almost replace the computer. We all use Android more that computer.

We all of use android but some people don’t know that android has some cool hidden secret features. This Secret Feature of Android Smartphone is very useful during use.

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone – Let’s Explore

Developer Option

Developer option is great and advances secret features of Android. It has lots of setting of android UI and customizer option. You can use this option without root your device. To use Developer option on your device, go to setting, about the phone, build number. Now tap build number option 6 times. Now you have new option ‘Developer option’ on down side in the setting.

Animation Scale

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone - animation scale

Another great Secret Feature of Android Smartphone that appears in Developer Option. Go to Developer Option and scroll down then you will find ‘Animation Scale’ option. In this field, you can control your android smartphone animation speed. Low number means get fast animation speed and you will feel that your device is run fast. The high number means device animation speed is slow. We refer to set your animation scale to 0.5, this is good for taking smoothing animation and also get the feeling of fast working.

Force GPU Rendering

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone - developer option

Every one love games and enjoy with playing them. On Android, the marketplace has lots of 2d games. Many of 2d application use more hardware. If your mobile is hanging or lagging when use some 2d application then just enable Force GPU Rendering present in Developer Option. Now you have to use your heavy 2d application without hanging and lagging.


Secret Feature of Android Smartphone - 4x msaa

This is a very useful feature for those who loved to play 3d games. Most of the people have the problem that when they played games their mobile gone hang or not so good graphics. If you enable this feature then you get very flexibility on playing 3d games. You can find this feature on Developer Option.

Smart Lock

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone - smart lock

You can find this feature in security panel. With this feature, you can get your mobile always unlocked with many options like

On-Body Detection, trusted places, trusted device, trusted voice.

Find My Mobile

This is very useful for finding a lost mobile. Simply register with your email id and enable Remote Control and Google Location Service. Now you can find your lost mobile with google find my mobile service or Samsung find my mobile service.

Background process limit

Secret Feature of Android Smartphone - background process limit

You can find this feature on Developer Option. With this, you can set the limit of background running application and save your device from hanging.

One Handed Use


For large display smartphone with this, you can use your mobile with one hand. Simple go to advance setting and enable one handed use option, now tap home key third times. Now use your large screen mobile with one hand.

Mock Location App

Go to setting and developer option and tap mock location option. With this you can change your location to fake location in particular apps.

Show touches

in developer option you can find this option. Showing a dot on every time when you touch your on screen.

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