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I am providing you all news about technology and other related things that you loved and I am sure you will enjoy all of this. I am glad to inform that every day our technology is changing and you should want to know about that.


In this stage, many smartphones come in our world and have lots of features. when we are going to buy a smartphone then we don’t all about features and other things.

so for this softgossip is going to introduce about all good and upcoming smartphone specification and much more detail.

PC tricks

everyone should have a PC and operate that but sometimes we have got some difficulties with it or we have got some error and become our job got them down. So I am helped you with the PC and their trick.

Our Approach

Softgossip is one of the most useful sites that gives a genuine and recommended news about TECHNOLOGY or other related things.


Technology is a useful and interesting thing that everyone should know it. Softgossip is caring about your need and always ready to give the news about all you need in this field.


Our Story

I am a common man and share my experience with technology. I search all the answer to your query belong this field.

Technology is an interesting thing and I am enjoying to play with this.

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Deepak Kumar Prajapati


Deepak Prajapati

Founder & CEO

I enjoy mentioning this that I am glad to help you and I am always ready to add a good post