Best Google Chrome Addons For Better Browsing Experience

Google Chrome Add-ons

Google Chrome Add-ons are giving us more experience of a browser. There is a lot of Google extensions and Chrome extensions on the Internet. It is difficult to choose which extension will be useful. If you want to improve your browsing experience, know about some specific Google extensions and Chrome extensions.

Best Google Chrome Add-ons for your Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Add-ons

Google Extensions Services

Boomerang for Gmail

Now people use Gmail as the best way to communicate on the Internet. Do you want to be able to write a Gmail message and schedule it to be sent after a few hours? Boomerang could accomplish this work better. You do not even have to be online to send mail later. You can track reply from this Google Chrome Add-ons, but you can receive a limited number of free messages per month.

Google Translator

Do you want to go to a foreign website and read it? For certain languages, Google Chrome Add-ons automatically translates the entire page into the language of your choice. With the help of Google Translate, you can highlight the text and get the translation. In this Google extensions, the translation of good quality is available.

Screen / page capture

Full page screen capture

In today’s era every person sees many web pages and if you want to capture all that things, then it seems impossible. But with full-page screen capture, you can make this work easier. It scrolls on the page and saves the webpage in JPEG format.

Mercury reader

If you hate the pages filled with advertisements and weird format, then you can install Mercury Reader. It immediately reduces the noise on a webpage with one click and you can see the content you need. You can manage its interface.


DuckDuckGo for chrome

It does not track you like Google If you are involved in people who have serious privacy concerns then the DuckDuckGO search engine can prove to be very useful to you. After installing this Google Chrome Add-ons, you can see top results for Google Search DuckDuckGo or you can search with DuckDuckGo by clicking on the drop-down menu. With this help, your search can be quite secure.


Notifications are very important for mobile and desktop users. But these are sometimes synced, Pushbullet can change it. You can also see incoming calls on your desktop. You can also send SMS text from your desktop if you wish. This method is quite effective.

Interface / utility

Highly Highlighter

If you like to highlight a page in a book or document so that it can read easily, then you can use this Google Chrome Add-ons. You can also share highlights content with other people. It also allows you to highlight from the website as well.

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a community-based Google Chrome Extension. It blocks video advertising on websites like YouTube and Flash-based games. With the help of AdBlock Plus, you can create a whitelist. Where some ads can be accepted.

I hope you guys enjoy this article and able to find best Google Chrome Add-ons for your chrome browser. For more updates keep touching with Softgossip.

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