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Social Media Network – 5 things should be remove from your social media sites

Social Media Network

Today everyone uses social media network for connecting to friends or family. Everyone uses social sites for sharing something. Whether are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. On social sites, many people keep sharing anything without knowing that what is right or wrong. This habit is very unsafe and in future, it can be harmful.


So here are some tips and caution for what we do or not on social media network. And be safe for any anxiety in future. So, keep reading this post and understand that what is the thing we keep and what should delete.

Precaution on Social Media Network Sites

Mobile Number

Today almost every social media network sites required a mobile number. And we all create our social sites with our mobile number or email address. But it can be unsafe when we open our mobile number and email address publicly. If any victim finds your mobile number or email address then they can do anything with your number and this is harmful to you. So, don’t open your number or email publicly keep private it.

Birth date

If you have added your birth date on your social site then immediately delete it. Because it can be very harmful. If anyone finds your birth date and addresses then they can hack your account and do anything with it. Many people create their bank account password of birth date. So, this is very dangerous to reveal your birth date on social sites.

Private photos

On social media network sites, be careful to share your private photos. Many of us instant share the picture of their families, birthdays, marriage events or vacations. Someone can misuse of this picture. So please be careful while sharing your privacy.

Content sharing

Many times, we share anything from other’s posts without knowing that the right or wrong. We have to share any video without seeing that. It is so irresponsible habit. If we share the wrong content and that give harm to someone then this more harmful for you. So, take a look and watch carefully before sharing any content.


Stop sharing a post that tagged your location such as ‘you out of country’ or ‘you are in school or college’ anything. If location tagged post reached to the wrong man then it can be really very harmful to you. If you post that you are not in the home or going to another city then anyone can attack in your home to steal something. So, don’t share your location or anything that tagged your location.


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