WhatsApp Messenger Update Now Allow You to Send Any Type of File

WhatsApp Messenger Update has rolled out with a new update for sending and receiving file. Now with this new update you can send any type file and document you want. Despite being a tremendous appetite for WhatsApp, it was a big problem in that we could not send any file with a non-supported format. Because … Continue reading “WhatsApp Messenger Update Now Allow You to Send Any Type of File”

The Secrete Hidden Features for WhatsApp

Secrete Hidden Features for WhatsApp is now on your hand. WhatsApp is a most popular social messaging app for all platform and for all users. Everybody love to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp now become a part of our life. We many activities with WhatsApp. We share our thoughts, images, videos, and other important things through WhatsApp. … Continue reading “The Secrete Hidden Features for WhatsApp”

WhatsApp On Your Computer

WhatsApp- Learn How To Use WhatsApp On Your Computer(PC or MAC) WhatsApp Messenger App Now comes in PC with easy steps, with Free on PC no need to paid extra charge. Just think if WhatsApp comes in PC and doing your all work of WhatsApp Messenger in your PC such a great idea to do … Continue reading “WhatsApp On Your Computer”