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How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares From Any Android Device

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares From Any Android Device. Android is a great platform and its features are even better. Today, we can do anything with an Android device. The Android platform is very powerful and customizable, but there is also a huge speculation that has its bloatware apps, i.e. its pre-installed apps. Android devices have many pre-installed apps, some of them are useful but there are some that do not make any sense. These apps keep running in the background so that your device’s battery is lousy and your device’s inbuilt storage is also reduced. Due to the background running, this app slows your device. And some of these apps also damage your private security.

To deal with all these difficulties, either disable these apps or uninstall them. Many devices do not have the ability to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares or even disable them. But in this tutorial, you will learn two ways that you can easily Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares of your Android device.

Make sure to get Back up your apps before uninstall


Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares with ADB (NO ROOT)

This method will work even if your device is not root. For this method, you will need four things

  • Of course, an android device
  • A computer(windows/mac) with DEBLOATER software
  • USB debugging enable on android device
  • ADB android debug bridge install on computer


  1. First, install ADB on your computer

For Mac, you can download

To install, open the terminal on your Mac, then drag the ADB file to it.

Now type ‘devices’ after ‘ADB’

  1. Run exe file to install ADB in windows
  2. Install DEBLOATER after installing ADB
  3. Now enable USB debugging by going to the developer option of your mobile
  4. Then click Read Devices Packages in DEBLOATER
  5. After that select, any app to uninstall and click Apply

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps/BloatWares on android device (ROOT REQUIRED)

For this method, you should Root your android device.

  1. First, install Titanium Backup app on your Android device and open it
  2. Go on Backup/Restore option
  3. Here you can find pre-installed apps select the app what you want to uninstall
  4. Click on uninstall then restart your device
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