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WhatsApp Messenger Update Now Allow You to Send Any Type of File

WhatsApp Messenger Update

WhatsApp Messenger Update has rolled out with a new update for sending and receiving file. Now with this new update you can send any type file and document you want. Despite being a tremendous appetite for WhatsApp, it was a big problem in that we could not send any file with a non-supported format. Because of this we had difficulty and we could not send the necessary documents.

We can send any formatted file to WhatsApp but it also has some limitation. According to the Facebook company, we can only share files up to 100mb. This means that we can now send songs, videos and much more. Now we can also share the apk file through WhatsApp. Now we can share our favourite app with friends.

Features of New WhatsApp Messenger Update


For sending any type of file just open a chat then tap attach icon. Now it will show up many type of icon here you will need to tap Documents for sending a non-supported document. Now it’s ready to share any type of file what are you want.

The new WhatsApp Messenger Update also has added some new features besides the sending any type of file. In-app camera section now you can see all of your photos by just swipe up. Now no need to open another gallery windows.

Now you do not need code to change text format. For changing text format simply tap and hold the text and now a pop dialog box will appear here will find all of your text formatting like Bold, Italicize, Strikethrough and Monospace.

New design for video calls and voice calls also be added on new version of WhatsApp.

These WhatsApp Messenger Update are available for Android and iOS only.

These WhatsApp Messenger Update are considered very important in the case of file shares and people are also quite like these features.

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