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YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign — here’s what’s changed

YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign

YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign on 29 August. YouTube has so far traveled 12 years from its launch, and there have been many such major changes in the meantime. There are many recent changes that have been done by YouTube from music to live TVs. But now YouTube is trying to improve its streaming platform. The interface of Google’s streaming platform has changed and also the way to view the video.

YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign let’s explore

From today, YouTube is making changes to its user interface, as well as a new logo designed to keep the Tube brand among both desktops and mobile.

New Logo

YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign to make the users useful in all platforms. The word “tube” is being emphasized, instead, you will find a small “play” icon before the word YouTube. This is such a good thing for YouTube – this means that on the mobile and in small places, the original play icon can be shown instead of the entire word “YouTube”.

Dark Theme

YouTube debuts new logo and a redesign with a dark theme. When you activate that your whole YouTube view now look dark with more attractive.

Full Screen For Mobile

For mobile platforms, YouTube will now support vertical videos. Providing viewers with a full-screen view without turning their devices on sideways or making deals with huge black bars on the edge.

Plus, the tab of navigation and servicing content has been rearranged to make easier to finding your favorite videos.

Playback Speed

Now for those people who enjoy YouTube on the desktop, the ability to control the playback speed of your video is also coming on the mobile. For those people it is a good thing to have an hour-long lecture video of 30 Minutes want to launch in the crash course.

Talking about the desktop, the non-mobile version of YouTube is getting an overall cleaner, a material design change for a smooth look.

Although these major changes in YouTube are going on till August 29. YouTube has said that the roll out cannot be completed at least one full day. So if you do not see the new YouTube yet, you will soon.

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