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How YouTube launches HDR playback is going to change your YouTube experience

YouTube launches HDR Playback

YouTube launches HDR Playback on select LG, Samsung, and Sony Xperia phones, but several users are reporting major problems.

YouTube has recently been on an update to some degree of fury, corporate has rolled out the Dark Mode for the brand, UI, and everyone, although it seems that the updates are not closed there. If you are doing a Google component, Galaxy S8, S8 +, Note 8, Xperia XZ, or LG V30, you will be able to read YouTube videos in HDR quality.

Last November, YouTube launches HDR playback for those who want to watch their videos through their TV sets. Today, corporate has announced that this technology is to be expanded on mobile, on choosing the Golem device, but not on iOS yet. With the support of HDR, videos provide high image quality, with high distinction enables you to see extra-spirited colors and detect additional image in dark scenes

Some reports have said that YouTube launches HDR playback support for smartphones, weekends, September 8th. For Xperia XZ Premium, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 and Galaxy Note 8, Google Component or LG V30 users try to change the YouTube app to visualize new options. Select an HDR-enabled video, then tap the playback settings HDR feature supports 1440p video.

YouTube launches HDR playback probability is major performance problems

This is not working properly for some, though. Some Reddit users are once according to insulation and stammering after attending a better resolution video. In a Reddit thread, according to HDR-enabled video playback, a user got stuck at 1080p. Another user did not see any such hiccups, which argued floating in the 1440P video.


YouTube launches HDR playback, what is HDR?

For now, HDR playback has been restricted to the devices listed at the top, though it means that YouTube can turn it on alternate devices in the future. Is it possible that 1 HDR, right before the problems, can be a show specification for uncertainty, which provides a high difference between light and dark pictures? result? A bright, puncture, extra enthusiast image quality overall

Even with the convenience of some phones, lack of HDR-compliant content remains a problem. Recently, Netflix-enabled HDR streaming for some smartphones, however, the streaming service only includes some titles in this format. Another time people are friendly for the purpose of HDR, where it becomes a general idea, the content the quantity is extended. Again, the content is that people are being encouraged to adapt to HDR within the first place, so it is difficult.

Amazon Prime Video, on the opposite hand, is still to support HDR streaming on mobile devices. Voodoo goes for the alternative video streaming services too. Which can make modifications before long, because different types of smartphone makers have already pledged to implement HDR in their future smartphone. In addition, it is believed that the replacement of the mobile HDR premium, HDR-compatible mobile devices, is basically the details that standardize the HDR implementation.


After the launch of HDR, YouTube agency is working with the creators of the United Nations agency to benefit from the technology. It’s HDR recording gear and post-production facilities were made in the market as well as large apples, LA, London and Tokyo in many of its YouTube areas. Additionally, all YouTube areas have cameras and RAW / log format capable of capturing the expected dynamic for the benefit of HDR.

YouTube additionally tells the United States that it wants to upgrade the urban center and Paris in advance for HDR-enabled post production facilities, and people should upgrade next year.

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