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YouTube money is now difficult – latest policy changes


YouTube is a huge market where online video streaming is strong and thousands of people visit daily. New channels are created every day and thousands of videos are uploaded. This is an also great place for advertisers. They promote their products on YouTube every day.

But in today YouTube is no longer trusted for advertisers. there are many fake and Spam channels are created on it. They are upload any of video that full with Spam. This type of video is not advertisement friendly. Cause of this type of videos has great economic harm to advertisers. These videos are not advertising friendly and users do not pay attention when watching the video.

YouTube has made major changes to the advertising policy. Now it’s difficult to make money with YouTube because they are not showing ads on those videos whose have watching views less than 10,000. The company has taken this step to stop making money through pirated videos. When channels cross the limit of 10,000 views then company review their channel and videos for monetization.

The reason for this move of YouTube


For reason of YouTube partnership many people all over the world starting to upload videos on it. Among these there were also some people who stole the video of others and uploaded their own channels. And they also uploaded videos of the same purpose which they used to get views but were not right for advertising. This caused advertisers a lot of financial loss and they lost trust with YouTube.

It meant that YouTube’s existence was in danger and there was a lot of impact on their economic situation.

Now with this policy no one can upload Spam videos. If someone uploads a Spam video then his video will not be monetized until 10,000 views and he cannot make money from it. if there are any ways to get the views too, then it will have to apply for video review for monetization. And company definitely terminate them for monetization because with this policy company never monetize those videos who have suitable for advertisement.

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